Holiday Gifts For The Family


We have a few set rules/traditions when it comes Christmas gift-giving, generally we have a pretty modest approach that is focused on the time together and of course a few very choice presents – this year we wanted to go even further and have some Christmas gifts promote even more family time.

My Mom had asked me what to get the kids for Christmas, I was stumped – they do not need a thing, and the few things I had in mind were the few things we planned to buy (sorry, Mom). Chris and I talked and we thought gifts that would come in handy for family fun all year long would be some of the greatest gifts, and every time we used the gift we could be grateful all over again.

Stuck on what to get a family, or maybe even get your own family for the holidays? Here are some simple but really great gift guide, holiday gifts for the family, family style

Yearly Membership To A Local Museum/Art Gallery – Usually you can buy family membership passes, for about the same price as it would take the whole family to visit twice.

Yearly Science Center Membership – Adult or child the science center never gets old, giving the yearly membership guarantees a lot of fun family visits.

Yearly Zoo Pass – Sometimes these don’t go on sale till closer to the in the summer season schooles and collages going the holydays children going to see all animals, definitely a gift that will get used a lot. And if your/their local zoo doesn’t have a yearly membership maybe even a family pass for a single visit.

Family Water Park or Swimming Pool Pass – Depending on what is in their/your neighborhood, a gift card or pass to family water fun will make it even easier for the kids swimming on a very regular basis.

Movie Theater Passes – This is a great gift, going to a theater watching movies is a special treat for us – something we don’t do enough. Every time we do go it’s always such a huge hit with the kids, pretty sure a theater gift card would be a hit with most kids.

Gift Card to Sports Store – My family loves to go out and play sports together (soccer, t-ball, street hockey, etc) so how about a gift card to a sports store so the family can buy sports gadgets for a family fun time.

Depending on what is in their or your city there could be way more Family Fun Gift Ideas, do you have any ideas to add to this gift list?

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