Get Ready for a Brand Spankin’ New…


little style, kids fashion, family life, simple things, blog changes, blog name changesKingston has a secret. Come Monday when you visit us we will have a brand-spankin’ new name! I have fought with the idea of a name change for a long while and finally came to the conclusion that it was time. Baby Blackbird has major sentimental value for me, but it really just isn’t the right name for our little corner of the internet.

Our content will still be as heartfelt, random, simple and stylish as always – just under a new name that suits us better, one we can grow with and hold on tight too. So please, come back Monday to check out the changes and help us to spread the word!

Have a great Friday, I think I’m going to spend mine trying to calm my excessively nervous and excited nerves, and prepare for the major work I have ahead of me this weekend.

PS. A fantastic contest will also be arriving on Monday, double whammy of awesomeness.

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